Chris Westendorp loves to work with other filmmakers to help them make their story’s work and come to life. She works with both starting filmmakers as more experienced ones, with young and old. She has been involved in many projects, as the price winning debut film of Ester Rots Can Go Through Skin ((2009). The film won three Golden Calves, among one for the whole team.

With Mischa Kamp I worked on Lellebelle (2010). I always love to talks with Margien Rogaar and talk about her stories, as we did with Bon Voyage (2010, nomination Gouden Kalf) and Fish and Revolution.

With Dan Geesing I worked on his short film Elephant Feet (2011, Gouden Kalf) starring Josh Meyers.

I have worked as a scriptcoach for the IDFA Workshop Kids & Docs and the GoShort Festival and I have reached at the Dutch Film Academy and the University of Amsterdam, Media & Culture.